Unser Sprachcamp Allgäu Team


  •  hoch qualifizierte und erfahrene Outdoor Trainer, die die entsprechende sicherheitstechnischen  Ausbildungen wie Klettertrainer oder Mountainleader haben und auch mit den nötigen Softskills ausgestattet sind wie Pädagogik, Outdoor Education, Erlebnispädagogik.
  • Native Speakers, die aus der ganzen Welt zu uns kommen, sei es England, Irland, Amerika oder Südafrika.
  • Language Assistants, die unseren Trainer/inn in einer 12er Gruppe unterstützen, damit die Teilnehmer genug Möglichkeiten haben, Englisch zu sprechen. Unsere Assistants sind auch Muttersprachler, meistens Studenten aus dem englischsprachigen Raum.

Ich wähle meine Outdoortrainer und Language Assistants sorgfältig aus – viele Sprachcamp Instructors kommen über mehrere Jahre zu uns, weil sie die kreative Art unseres Englischcamps sehr wertschätzen und auch als sinnstiftend erleben.

Katrin Jost

Ich organsiere die Sprachcamps vorab und vielleicht hatten Sie schon per email Kontakt mit mir. Ich bin bei allen Sprachcamps dabei und helfe mit, unterstütze mein Trainerteam oder kläre die Logistik vor Ort. Auch für unsere Schulcamps bin ich Ansprechpartner.

Meine Englischcamps bereite ich mit viel Sorfalt und Freude vor – auch wenn dazu gehört sich durch einen Riesen Stapel Papierkram zu wühlen, damit meine Mitarbeiter trotz Brexit unsere Camps durchführen können. Dabei ist mir auch eine faire und Bezahltung meiner Trainer wichtig.

Favourite Place: Home with my family and anywhere in the mountains
Favourite Food: Spinach Dumplings with tomato sauce
Something I really enjoy at the moment: Teaching English:-)
Life motto: Life is good


Jo Trendell lives in North Wales a part of the UK known for its beautiful mountains and beaches but also sometimes better known for its rainy weather. She enjoys the outdoors, rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking. Whilst living in North Wales she has achieved qualifications in Rock Climbing, Mountain Leading and Water Sports and now works across the UK as a freelance Mountain Leader.

Favourite Place: Scottish Highlands
Favourite Food: Apples
Something I really enjoy at the moment: Spending time in the mountains with friends.
Life motto: Get out as much as possible and explore new places


is from Cape Town, South Africa and is a current student at the University of South Africa (UNISA) and completing he’s degree in Nature Conservation. Before arriving in Germany he worked for an animal rescue and rehabilitation NGO and in his free time volunteered with kids from disadvantaged backgrounds by taking them hiking, surfing and tutoring.

Qualifications: Rugby Trainer, Studium von Nature Conservation an der University of South Africa

Favourite place: Cederberg Mountains

Favourite food: Biltong

Something I really enjoy at the moment: Hiking the Forests around my village.

Life Motto: Ubuntu, which means the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity


ist mit 4 Jahren nach England gezogen, ist aber in Deutschland geboren. Sie hatte schon immer eine Leidenschaft für Outdoor Abenteuer und hat sich dann entschlossen diese Leidenschaft zum Beruf zu machen. Sie glaubt , dass draußen in der Natur einen großen Einfluß auf die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden hat. Sie liebt Klettern und alle Wassersportarten. Ausserdem kocht sie gerne. Sie freut sich schon auf unsere Sprachcamp Saison!

Qualifications: Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor, International Moutain Leader training, Canoe Guide

Favourite Place: Canada, Thailand und Snowdonia
Favourite Food: All food, especially Spaghetti blognese!
Something I really enjoy at the moment: improving my German
Life motto: Carpe Diem

Instructor Team Sprachcamp


Is from England and has been working in the outdoor industry for 10 years, she studied outdoor education in the UK and now loves to travel and teach. Sarah has worked in many parts of the world as an outdoor instructor and is passionate about inspiring and developing others. Sarah has had the opportunity to worked in China, Austria, Australia, NZ and has recently worked on cruise ships instructing around the South Pacific. Her favourite activities are snowboarding, paddle boarding and Canoeing.

Qualifications: climbing, mountaineering, Canoe and Kayak Coach, Forest School practitioner

Favourite Place: Fiji Island
Favourite Food: Anything Veggie
Something I really enjoy at the moment: Campervan road trips with adventures in the mountains

Life motto: Life isn’t about finding yourself, its about creating yourself


James is from a small town in the Southeast of England and currently lives in Edinburgh in Scotland. Having previously studied Physics and International Development, he currently works as an outdoor activity instructor, something that he enjoys as it takes him to all kinds of interesting places around the country and the world. He will often still be found outdoors even when not working, whether that be hiking, climbing, running, or cycling. On other days, however, he is just as likely to be found with a hot cup of coffee and a good book.

Favourite Place: Anywhere with friends
Favourite Food: Anything freshly cooked
Something I really enjoy doing at the moment: Visiting new places and meeting new people
Life motto: Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it

Profil Trainer Sprachcamp


Alison is from England and has been working in the outdoors for over 25 years. She became a full-time instructor nearly three years ago after many years as an IT consultant. Her favourite outdoor activity is scrambling. In the past she has worked delivering Summer ML and Walking Group Leader courses. More recently she has led treks in the European Alps, Nicaragua and Costa Rica as well as in the UK and is an assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. She is a regular instructor at a Scout Activity Centre near London and is the Climbing Lead for Greater London Middlesex West Scout Region. She is also TEFL qualified and has worked on English language immersion courses in Poland and Hungary.

Qualifications: International Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor, Winter Mountain Leader, Nordic Walking Instructor, TEFL.

Favourite Place: Chamonix

Favourite Food: Chicke Biryani
Something I really enjoy at the moment: Learning languages

Life motto: Live life by your own plan


ist einer unser Senior instructurs mit mehr als 20 Jahren Erfarhung in der Outdoor Adventure Industry, mit Expeditionserfahrung in der ganzen Welt. Zuletzte hat er in Kenia für verschiedene Gruppen Programme konzipiert, für Klettern, Canyoning, Bergsteigen, Mountain biking und Kayaking in Kenia und für Kunden aus der ganzen Welt.

Favourite Place: The Scottish Highlands
Favourite Food: definitly not ‚ugali‘ (Tanzanian dish)
Something I really enjoy doing at the moment: winter skills
Life motto: Hakuna Matata

Profil Trainer Sprachcamp


I grew up in Germany but moved to the UK in 2008 and have been living here ever since. I now call the beautiful Highlands   of Scotland my home and mostly enjoy spending time in the mountains up here. I love climbing and road biking and try to be  outside whenever the wild Scottish weather allows. I have spent the past ten plus years up here working through a postgraduate degree in outdoor education and various other qualifications in summer and winter climbing and mountaineering as well as some paddling qualifications. I now very much enjoy using my experience in all these areas to share my passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors with others.

Qualifications: Rock Climbing Instructor, International Mountain Leader training

Favourite Place: Ben Nevis

Favourite Food: depends on the day:)
Something I really enjoy at the moment: Climbing and road biking (in the sun ideally)
Life motto: Life’s for living!


comes from a northwestern state in the U.S. known for it’s potatoes (Idaho). After graduating from college,with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Wellness, she decided to spend a year living abroad. When she’s not working, and the weather is good, you can find her enjoying the outdoors. While her favorite outdoor activity is rock climbing, she also enjoys hiking, whitewater rafting and swimming. She loves working with children and youth and has had the opportunity to do so in a variety of settings.

Favourite Place: Redwoods, California (where the largest trees in the world grow)
Favourite Food: Ritter Sport Chocolate
Something I really enjoy doing at the moment: preparing for the Sprachcamp!
Life motto: Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it


ist begeisterter Outdoor Trainer, obwohl er eigentlich Marketing studiert hat. Er kommt aus Colorado in den USA und hat letztes Jahr in Irland in einem Outdoor Centre gearbeitet. Er klettert gerne und spielt für sein Leben gern: Football, Unsinn Spiele, Tischtennis und Sprachcamp Allgäu Spiele.

Favourite Place: No place like the present
Favourite Food: Crepe mit Nutella und peanut butter
Something I really enjoy at the moment:  Having the opportunity to share the outdoors with others
Life motto: People you meet create the paradise you find


Katie kommt aus dem Peak District in der UK aber hat die letzten Jahren in den Dolomiten und in Österreich verbracht. Nach ihrem Deutsch und Spanisch Studium ging sie nach Südamerika. Sie arbeitet als Feriencamp Director,  Englischlehrer und Expedition Leader. Ihre Leidenschaft: Klettern, Skitouren gehen und Sprachen lernen.

Qualifications: BA in German and Spanish. CELTA (English language teaching certificate) , Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor, International Moutain Leader training, Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.

Favourite Place: The Dolomites
Favourite Food: Thai curries
Something I really enjoy at the moment: Learning more about wilderness therapy and introducing people to the mountains and nature as a way to help cope with mental health issues.
Life motto: Be happy, be kind, be free.


I studied Sport and Leisure management (HND) at college which I passed with distinction. I was briefly self employed running a body zorbing business in 2013-14 however repair costs forced me to close and in 2015 I decided to pursue my passion for adventure sports and move to the French Alpes. Here I took my passion for the mountains to the next level. Not only was I mountain biking, snowboarding and rock climbing more than ever, I was also surrounded by Les Fiz, Les Arravis and Le Mont Blanc Massif. Within three years I had stood on top of these ranges, the highlight being Mont Blanc, which we summited in 2020. Covid changing our plans for 2021, myself and my partner returned to Northern Ireland.

Qualifikationen: RCI, ML,

Favourite Place: Chamonix
Favourite Food:
Something I really enjoy doing at the moment: Climbing
Life motto: You don’t need to have the best of everything to make the best of everything.