Hi readers,

here are Jakob, Justin and Basti and we are going to share our adventures of „SprachCamp 2019“ with you. it’s in Allgäu! On the arriving day we played outdoor games to get to know new people. After that we climbed on a tree, a very high one at the top we had a great view. At the next day we were on the high ropes course and climbed in the routes of the klettergarden. Also we did zip lining there. Every morning we get a lunch packet for the afternoon. At the evening we get our phones for two hours after dinner. But kids are adults and we don’t need our phone and don’t miss it. We have such cool trainers and programs. Its very funny and it is fun. Come on the camp and try it!

p.s. We do sure speak English. And oh, I had forgot we have played hard english games and can speak english freely, we have made writing and the trainers have corrected our grammar.

That was our summary till now, the next part will come soon.