Hi Guys!

We’re off to a fantastic start at here at sprachcamp. We’ve learned heaps of new vocab, learned some english sarchasm and of course played some fun games =) here’s what the kids are saying.

Juniors 1

Today we started with a game named Ninja. Then we searched our things to go climbing, so we walked 30 min. When we arrived we learned the basics for climbing, while Carsten was trying to make the Jacob ladder safe. When all had tried the ladder, we walked down to go swimming in ice cold water. It was great! Then we go finally back.


Juniors 2

Today we made a movie about pirates. Then we went to a little lake in the forest. The boys of our group swam with swim shorts in the water and the girls with swimming clothes. We had a wonderful day with fun.


Seniors 1

Today we went climbing on three routes at the wall. One of the climbs was easy and the two others were a little difficult. So the climbing was sometimes very challenging, but at the top you had a fantastic view! The weather was great, and we played funny games like ’ninja‘ when we were taking breaks. Tomorrow we are climbing again at Jacob’s ladder, which is fun because we have to work as a team, and maybe do some blindfolded climbing!!

Fiona, Svenja, Marie and Anika