Dear parents 🙂

We´ve got news from the Jachara and your children plus some pictures.


Monday entry courtesy of Anneke: „Today was a great day. The boat didn’t capsize and I climbed in the net. We sailed out of Eckernförde harbour. We went into the town at Kappeln. The weather was nice. It was very fun!“



And Niklas: „Today I woke up at 0800 and ate breakfast. I saw porpoises and was also allowed to sail the boat. It was an interesting feeling to have control over such a huge ship. After a while I started to fish for jellyfish worth buckets- by the end of the day I had caught 15! The dinner today was as good as the day before (we cooked yesterday). We ate chicken curry with rice. I hope I get a lot of sleep tonight- I’m tired!“

SegelcampTeam2016 Sprachcamp Allgäu

New stories and adventures soon 🙂