After we woke up we went down to the breakfast. There we celebrated Kilian’s birthday and he got a cake. Stephan brought something to eat with him, so it was a nice breakfast!

When we were done, we went out of the hut and started hiking up a mountain. After we reached the top, we didn’t know exactly if we are right, but we saw a little hut, so we thought there might be a path. It was the right way.

After two hours hiking we reached Baad. When we reached our house we had time to go and have a shower and to do other stuff. After about one hour we had a meeting in our seminar room. There we wrote a story with three random keywords. After we finished the stories, our group leaders introduced us to the film techniques. Then we made two groups of five people. In the result it was a fantastic day and it made a lot of fun!

– Konsti & Max