Yesterday we did lots of team activities, for example the „Marble Run“. We needed three attempts to take the marble from the first to the second floor.  The evening programm on this day was the best of all this week. We had to go around the table without touching the ground.

Philipp R.

We played a game with a marble. Sometimes it was too high or too low and it fell down and we lifted it up. After the game we played another game called „Spider Web“. The people lay down and then we carried them through.

Isabell M

In the spider’s web I had to lay down. In there you had to be very careful and there was a lot of tension. Sometimes you had to tense your body because they lifted you up and carried you through the higher holes. When somebody touched the spider web, two people had to go back.

Flo A.

Yesterday we played a very funny game. There was a spider web made with ropes. In the web were 15 holes and every person must go through one hole to the other side. A few holes were very high, so the smallest people were lifted up by the boys and carried through the highest holes. It was very difficult because we weren’t allowed to touch the ropes.

Paula R.

Yesterday we did a tense game. It was called Spiders Web. Some of us laid down and tensed their bodies. The others carried them through the holes of the spider web. There was a lot of tension.

Marie G.