My favorite activities this week have been climbing and making our Ghostbusters movie.  I feel my English is getting better.  The hut was very interesting because the hut does not have water and electricity.


On Wednesday afternoon we go climbing.  First we have all very easy route, we can walk it very high up.  After this, we climbed a harder route.  In the middle I thought ‚I must go down.‘ but then I did it.  After this I climbed the hardest route.  I was nearly about to give up but then I did it.


In our week in the Sprachcamp, we made a journey to an old hut in the nature.  This hut is 400 years old and has only a discusting biological toilet.  On the next day we cleaned the hut.  The way home was long and hard.  It took 3 hours.  After this way everybody took a hot shower because it rained.  But all in all it was a fun adventure.