Our English campers from southern Germany have set sail to sail in the Danish South Pacific. The 5 participants will be accompanied by our experienced and creative language camp trainer Louis Waterman Evans and our skipper HC, who kindly provides us with his beautiful yacht for our camp! Elisabeth and Moritz have created the first report for us here – I’m already looking forward to photos, but they’re still stuck in Denmark 🙂

‚Our morning started at 6.15. We should sleep until 7.35 but one of our crew members got up and woke everyone. Liza went for a swim in the sea before breakfast!

We sailed the boat to Sonderborg (in Denmark!) From Horup Haven. When we arrived we saw the yacht of the Queen of Denmark! Our group went to the supermarket and bought sweets. Then it rained a lot and we got wet – that was fun! After leavin g the city we sailed under a bridge – that was fun because the bridge went up and I never did that before. We sailed like a snake making lots of tacks. At 15.30 we reached our day’s aim – the bight of Dyving Havn. The boys and Louis went in a dinghy and paddled to the shore. Kathi and I tidies our room! Now after dinner, we are all really tired. I really hope tomorrow is a nice day, as cool as today!