Today all teams at Sprachcamp went to the Flying Fox course in the forest. This was the highlight of the week for loads of us – climbing, jumping, soaring 90m through the trees up to 15m high!

My favorite part of the week has been the flying fox park, because it was great fun flying through the trees
Last night was movie evening. We watched Vaiana and ate popcorn.


My biggest challenge has been describing how to buy Fortnite over the phone to my mum. Thanks mum.
I most enjoyed making our film ‚The Gummy Bear Thief‘ (coming soon), and playing around with Felix.


I was the movie editor for our film, ‚Flight 610‘: I learned how to cut the footage on the Mac. It was great.
I really enjoyed the flying fox today, it was nice.

The film evening was my favorite activity. I have learned lots of new English.

Hanna N .:
The best thing I learned this week was teamwork, and doing activities with friends.


My favorite part of the week was the flying fox park. The funniest moment was when I ran into a fish. I learned how to get the most brownie points (in Room Olympics)

Hanna B:

I had lots of fun when we made the movie. I have learned to speak better English than before. Jakob’s Giant Ladder was really difficult but I enjoyed it.


The flying fox has been the best part of the week (even after falling over)

I also really enjoyed the movie night, it was fun. This week I learned to make a movie, and I climbed the hardest route at the rock climbing wall.

Team Awesome x