Hey folks!
Day two of Mountains 1 has come to a close, and for tonight’s blog the intermediate group have written adverts.

‚Come to Sprachcamp Allgäu! – By Leonie & Clara

It’s really fun to be here, we learn vocabulary every day and then go somewhere. Today we went to the climbing rock.

So tomorrow we will make a movie and that will be really fun. On Thursday we will walk to the hut.

The best part is learning and have fun at the same time.

Come to Sprachcamp Allgäu! ‚

‚Reasons to come to the Climbing Hall – By Laura & Lea

-You can get really high with teamwork, which means you learn to trust each other

-If your hair gets caught in the climbing equipment, don’t worry someone will come to cut your hair for you

-It’s a lot of fun! ‚

Before anyone gets too worried, it was an unfortunate instructor who had her hair cut to get out of a tangle.

See you all tomorrow!