Hi everyone,

It’s been another great day at sprachcamp; we’ve waved off the seniors for their mountain hike whilst the juniors took part in team games to earn the parts for their bottle rocket. Below are some diary entries from our intrepid young sprachcampers =)

Juniors 1

We started on the 9 o’clock our walk back from the Schwarzwasser Hut. The way home is easier than the way up because you are going down the hill. We make a short break to play ‚wheres Peter?‘ and see the cows. When we returned to our home, we went again to the waterfall. When we arrived we played many team games to make pieces to make our rocket. One game we had to cover holes or water would come over us. It was a funny day especially when we watched a film in the evening.


Seniors 1

Today we started at 9am some stretching exercises with Sophie. It was nice but the boys missed it because they were lazy and are coming late. After the sport we played a little running game and a language game. After a short break we planned our dialogues and wrote them down. We had 8 scenes and so we needed a lot of time and concentration to write all of the lines down. After a break we started filming. It was very, very funny. After we finished the scenes in and in front of the house we walked to the lake and also filmed in the wood.

Franzi and Sophie

Juniors 2

We went climbing and we went on the bus to get there. It was very sunny and very hot. We went to the supermarket before we came back to camp. In the afternoon we had free time and played the game ‚The Big Dalmia‘. In the evening we watched a film called „Wreck it Ralph“ and it was very funny. Before bed we played the game Werewolf.

Vincent and Jan