On the second to last day we woke up at 7:30 am. Then we went to breakfast at 8am. After breakfast we met in the seminar room to talk about how far we are with the movie. The girls‘ group with Kilian went after this to film the scenes. The other group went to the high-ropes course. We all had lots of fun there. At 11am the boys‘ group was filming the scenes. Then the girls group and Kilian went climbing. At 11:30 am the boys‘ group began to edit the finished film. When the boys were cutting the girls group with Kilian played table tennis. At 5pm we all went to the teepee next to our house to have barbecue with delicious sausages and meat. After the dinner we played lots of different games and we cut our film so that we can show it to our parents. That will be funny! 🙂

– Maya & Kai