I arrived Sunday. I didn’t do anything special that day. On Monday we went to climb at the climbing wall, after that we went to a river walk. On Wednesday we went to a High Ropes, it was cool. In the afternoon we made a video project. On wednesday we went to rock climbing at a big rock. On Thursday we planned the expedition. I was in the orienteering group and we must find the way. Then we went to walk. On Friday we went to walk back. In the afternoon we made a roof pitch jump. It was great fun!

Felix G.

We was on the Englishcamp in Allgäu, in the Kleinwalsertal. The first day was really cool but we learn to climb good. We get to climb everyday. Thursday we went to an old hut and sleep there. Friday was the last day and we put our harnesses on and made a cool jump. On Saturday comes our parents.

Chris W.