Learning English and school at home can be really exciting when the kids join in and the material is reasonably appealing. If we then work on the side ourselves, it will be a bit challenging. So here’s another idea to make it more colorful with English. Learn creative English online, here’s how:

A colleague of mine, Ricky Munday, was with me at the camp trainer 2 years ago and gave a really inspiring talk. He tells his story of how he grew up in a high-rise housing estate in Glasgow and made it there with a detour to Everest. I found his Inspirational Talk very touching. Of course I also enjoyed listening to his Scottish accent, which reminded me a little of my old home in Scotland. But it is really easy to understand and is definitely an exciting change for your kids. At that time we offered the elementary school talk to the pupils, because it is easier to understand. If your English is already better, you can also hear the normal talk.

The whole thing can be easily booked via zoom for at home, or you can ask your teachers if this can also be sponsored via school. Online participation costs £ 5 80 – a small donation to his charitable company Inspire Alpine.


Enjoy watching it!