Day 1: Arrival

On Monday morning at 8.30 a.m., our trip to the Sprachcamp in Austria began. We arrived at about 1.00 p.m. and had lunch. Then we made groups for the activities for the week and went to our rooms. Later, we met in our teams’ seminar rooms. Then we had instruction for the climbing and abseiling the next day. We only spoke English and so we had to learn all the climbing words.

Day 2: Jacob’s Ladder

We met at our base camp at 9 o’clock like every morning. Our team leader told us that we were going to do some team games. We had to try to get our whole group through a giant spider’s web and we had to put a pole on our index fingers and put it on the ground without anyone’s fingers letting the pole go. These games were really difficult because there were tricky things in them.

Beim Abseilen

After that, we walked to a little forest to climb the Jacob’s ladder. Our instructor explained to us how to work with harnesses. Then we climbed the Jacob’s ladder for the first time. We had to trust our belayers and work with a partner on the ladder. I was really tired in the evening, but it was really interesting and nice.

In the evening we had dinner. The food was very good and we all enjoyed it. After dinner, we had free time until 10.30 p.m. At 11.00 p.m. the lights in our rooms had to be off and then we went to sleep.