This morning we get up at 7:30 o’clock and had a delicious breakfast. After that we went to a beautiful river and swam in it. It was really cold but also fun! For tomorrow we had an intro into climbing. There we learn how we wear the climbing stuff. After a short break we went to a big and beautiful lake. On the lake was a small „island“ where we throw the others into the water. We had a lot of fun !!! For dinner we had noodles.

– Christian

Today at first we got up, after that the instructor said that we go to the river and the lake. At the river we play a game. In the game we must build a stone tower. After that we go into the river. It’s very cold! After that we go into the lake. It was a lot warmer and it was very fun.

– Benedict

In the camp we played some games and then we went to the river. It was very cold. We went back to the camp, there we learn something about climbing. After that we went to the lake.

– Valentina

In the morning we played funny games. After that we walked to the river which was really cold and beautiful. We practiced climbing because tomorrow we are going to go climbing. I’m really excited to go climbing because I really like it. After the climbing training we go to the lake where we have so much fun.

– Nina

Today I …
… go swimming in the lake and in the river.
… we have built a stone tower !!! They are nice!

– Miro

On Monday morning we played some games. After that we went to a river in the forest. The water was really cold but some of us were swimming there. Then when we were back in the camp we learn more about climbing. Then we went to the lake and on the lake was a little island and our trainers pushed us off it. And in the evening we play games, too!

– Aurelia

We were by the river, but the water was very cold and we were by the lake – this was really cool and funny. We have to learn climbing but it was a little bit boring. But the games were really cool because I love to play games.

– Estelle