Hello from the beautiful village of Soby, on the island of Aero. All is well on board as we continue our tour around the Danish islands on the Baltic Sea. I’ll let the kids do the rest of the talking:

This is from Jule :

We started the day in Faaborg. It’s a pretty town with old houses. Then we drove to Lyo, a small island. After we looked and walked around the island we went swimming in the Baltic Sea. It was cold, but very fantastic! Then we drove to Soby. I drove the ship for 30 minutes. It was very fun, but I had to concentrate very hard. The captain said I was sailing very well!

And this from  Raphael:

The wind came from the wrong direction today. Because of that we couldn’t drive with the sails, but drove with the motor to begin with. We looked around the island of Lyo and after that went swimming. After all of the people had a shower we started to drive out of the harbor. Then we hoisted up the job sail and used the motor too. At 5pm we arrived in Soby.

More to follow later!