The expedition was from the Würtemburger House to the ‚Schwarzwasser Hut‘. The hike was really good. The beds were a bit small but it was all good fun. The next day, on the way back, we went swimming. When we got back, we relaxed for a while.

At first we packed our bags to go up the mountains. It was a long walk over the mountain. We stayed at the ‚Schwarzwasser Hut‘. The weather was great the whole time. The next day we had breakfast and then continued walking back to Würtemburger House. On the way we stopped off at a swimming hole. The water was very cold, but we had fun. Then we arrived back at the camp.

Today we played team games and made our movies. We had two teams: A and B. We had a lot of fun. It was a long, but interesting day. We hope to do this again and we hope the rest of the week will be just as nice.
Nina, Eva