Each group bonded further today with team games and the all important Sprachcamp Allgäu ‚Introduction to Climbing‘. The juniors then immediately put these skills to the test with a high ropes course. Meanwhile, the second junior group played team games and began working on their films (expect great things come Saturday morning!) The seniors also learned the ropes (no pun intended) of climbing, with team games and an afternoon swim in a nearby icy pool to conclude proceedings. And this is all before the evening programs kicks off later when group rivalry is sure to reach tipping point with the famous ‚Sprachcamp Olympics‘!

Talking about her aims for the week, Tabea in the seniors said:

„I came to Sprachcamp because I was here last year and it was great. I am hoping to speak better English. I have no worries for the week!“

Marlene , also from the seniors, said:

„The key to speaking good English is to practice as much as possible. Learning new vocab and grammar is also important. I hope that after this week I can speak better English and have great fun like last year!“

Antonia, Anika, Hana and Julia went to the high ropes course and had this to say:

„In the morning our leaders showed us the climbing equipment, then we went to the high ropes course. It was very tiring because the way was very steep. When we were there Guy, Sophie and Clem showed us how we should climb. It was very interesting. After that we went home and swam in a river. The water was very cold but lots of us swam in a river. After dinner we played the sprachcamp Olympics. Germany won and Canada was the second. „

Updates to come every day. Thanks guys!