The third day of sprachcamp was our busiest yet. The budding young stars of the second junior group committed their ideas to film (which you can look forwards to seeing on Saturday). The seniors attempted the Jacob’s Ladder and took part in team games to earn the components of a water rocket, which may have degenerated into a water fight! Meanwhile, the juniors headed off for a climb at the rock face near Jauchen, Oberstdorf.

Jonathan , of the seniors wrote:

„Today we made a great high ropes course with Ian and Louis. The big challenge for me was to climb up the Jacobs Ladder, it wasn’t easy- but still fun. In the afternoon we played some word games, started a rocket and made our trainers really wet! „

Jule, of the seniors wrote:

„I felt most proud of reaching the top of the Jacob’s Ladder, after the first step was so challenging. The teamwork was also really good. Jonathon stepped on my knee to get to the next step and then he helped me up.“

The second junior group wrote:

„Yesterday morning I woke up at 7.30 and went to breakfast. After breakfast we had room olympics. Next we went to our seminar room. When we were in the cellar, we learned vocabulary. After that we did our 3 A’s and 3 R’s. Then we thought of ways to improve our English. Then we went outside to do our intro to climbing and learned the words for it. We got blindfolded and walked (balanced) along the slackline. Finally we had our lunch later in the afternoon we created our storyboard. At 6pm we ate spaghetti for dinner and then for the evening we took part in sprachcamp olympics. What a day!