Senior group, Derek and Rachel.

Today was a very good . We wrote a very nice song. After we were climbing on the wall behind the house. I am very happy here because I think that I learnt a lot here, for example, I learnt to climb. The feeling of saving the other guys is very good because I get a feeling about the group. I am very curious what will happen tomorrow.

Alex. K

This morning i was really tired and I needed much time before I could go to breakfast. The lyric songs were really funny. Climbing on the climbing wall was really cool. The whole day was better than the first.

Paul. L

At first we went at 8am to breakfast and ate until 8.45. Then we played a game like Paper, Scissors, Stone with all the groups. After that we heard the favourite music from the others and then we have to discover a own song from 3 groups. Now we have our lunch, there we have 15 minutes free time. Later we are going to the climbing wall where we can climb on three differnt difficult walls. Later we have to climb blind and one person delegate us. After that we have to climb on time.

Nina. H