After breakfast we met in our classroom to make a movie. First we made suggestions. Then we wrote a storyboard. After that we chose our costumes. After a little break we then made the movie. It was called „(T)Raumschiff Surprise“.

Benedikt, 13

In the morning when I finished eating, Alina gave me a birthday cake. We made a movie, the name was „(T)Raumschiff Surprise“. It was chaotic but in the end it was fun. Especially the costumes were funny. We made six scenes.

Benni, 13 today

After we had breakfast we made a movie. We voted between different suggestions. We had funny costumes and Bene tried  on most of them. That was funny. After lunch we went on with making the movie. While the others in the group acted their scenes, we signed the t-shirts we got on Wednesday.

Thiemo, 13