Day 1 – Perfect weather and the fun begins

At the beginning we got a quizz and at the end of the quiz we can find the easter bunnies.

We made funny games after the dinner. We played elephant run for example.

Mikka played a game with daysie the devil duck.


Day 2 – Blind walk and climbing

We played Blind Walk and that´s how it works:


Two complete blind walk working as a team.

Words we can use: no german – only english

  • Be careful of …. (stone, wood, water)
  • watch out
  • go slowly
  • big step, little step
  • go under

written by Henrik  and Florian


We are climbing and hiking. It was fun. It was a little bit difficult. We hiked with very little steps. (a note from Carsten 🙂 we will upload climbing pictures soon)

written by Annika and Alisha

Henrik Florian