It was Tuesday and we planned the expedition. We had four groups: catering, hutorganisation, equipment and orientation.
On Wednesday we started our expedition with Katrin, Matthew, Katrin and Mikka. We made a Fotorally. The first group took fotos and the other groups had to find the fotoplace with the information from the first group. We used Walky- Talkies to give the informations about the  pictures to the others. It was a very steep way to the hut. The name of our hut was „Schwarzwasserhütte“. It was nice there. The girls had a bigger room than the boys. In the evening we played „splatt“ in the rain and „palermo“ inside. Then we went to bed.
On the next day we packed our rucksack and had to take all the rubbish with us. After breakfast we came back to the youth hostel and started to film.