We wanted to introduce our team to you here – we are particularly pleased that we had many ‚old hands‘ with us again. Louis will now delight a few students in England because he will now be working as a teacher – but he still wants to come back next year.
Clem has been our 3rd year with us and now wants a real job – something with business administration and consulting.
Phil from Dorset will be with us again in summer 3 and 4 and will come to us next year.
Otherwise, our team comes from New Zealand, Australia, England, Ireland and Scotland this year.
The participants already had a lot of fun with our team and the various activities that we can offer you. Rugby, Australian barbecues, English humor …

If you still feel like coming by this summer: we have places 3 and 4 (from August 18) still free. We look forward to seeing you