Today we went to the river. There we walked up to the mountain. We came on and prepared all for the river crossing. Then we hold the ropes on the ropes on the trees. The first guy sit on the earth and were sliding over the river.There the others helped him down. So everyone „fly“ over the river. It was great, because at the second , it was very fast.

Laura K.

Today we made a n ropes bridge about the river. First we must hold the rope on the trees. Then somebody sit down on his climbing harness. Another one hold the rope in his hand to beleave each other. I found it very deep but when go u do it, it was funny!

Sophie S.

The bridge was very good because I liked this. On the first time was the bridge very slowly. But on the second time was the bridge  very very fast. This was very good. I liked the bridge.