Yesterday we went on a 3 hour walk to a hut. We were in two groups and had to tell eachother the way. But our walkie-talkies didn’t work so our instructor had to tell us the way. When we got there and we saw the biological toilets, nobody wanted to go to the toilet anymore! The „Hut Management“ Group had to chop wood to make fire for the oven. The cooking team cooked some spaghetti Bolognaise. Later, when it got dark, we had to use torches because there was no electricity.

The next morning, we had to clean the whole hut. We only needed 1 hour, then we had another 1 hour walk and got to some rocks where we climbed. I climbed a 15m high rock 2 times, although i’m scared of heights. It was a great experience. I am proud of myself.

Saskia. K