Senior Group. Derek and Rachel.

It was very difficult to guide my partner because I was afraid that she could fall down and hurt her. I was frightened of falling down and hurting myself. It was very hard to walk because you can’t see anything so that you hit stones or slip.

Dominik. M

We had a partner. One of us had to wear a blind fold so we couldn’t see anything. Our partner has to guide us over stones and wood, next to us is the river. It was very difficult. First I was scared and it was difficult to trust my partner, but after a while it was a little bit easier. Otherwise, the whole time you don’t know where you are and where to go. I was scared I could slip. My partner held me when I was falling. After a time I could put the blind fold over my head and could see where I was and where to go now. But then I must guide my partner. This was difficult, too.

Sandra. M