The junior group made their descent from the Black Water Hut (Schwarzwasserhütte) this morning while the seniors travelled in the opposite direction and will be staying at the hut tonight. Work began on the films for the junior group, as they developed their stories and dialogue over the course of the afternoon. Two promising storlines have been developed and filming is due to take place later in the week.

From McKenna, Quade and Andre: „On Tuesday we hiked for three and a half hours to the Black Water Hut. During the walk we played a game called the ‚Duck Race‘. It’s when you hide toy ducks and another group finds them. There was a great view at the hut and they had three-level bunk beds. We also did a quiz in the evening (the girls‘ team won).“

From Constantin, Konstantin and Nepomuk: „On Wednesday we came back from the Scwarzwasserhütte. On the way back we played the same game as on Tuesday where we had to find five toy animals. This time we swapped teams so the boys were hiding the animals. At the Württemberger House we wrote a story for a movie. It was a fun day!“