This week
by Christian & Benedikt

On Sunday we arrived
We are still alive

Then we got to know each other
And did that without our mothers

On Monday we played games
And shouted out our names

On Tuesday we did climb
Listen to our rhyme

On Wednesday we made a movie
It did not go so smoothly

On Thursday we were on a high ropes course
On the way we saw a horse

On Friday we tried to get to Mars
We failed at the second task

Tomorrow we are going home
Then we are forever alone.



by Estelle, Nina, Aurelia and Valentina

I’m a girl,
from the world.

We come and play a game,
We know our name,
But we are the same.

In the river was slippery

We were climbing,
but a horse was fighting.

We make a movie,
With a yummy smoothie.

And when we go home
we have our phone.