When we arrived, we played a lot of big group activities and later on we were put in different smaller groups by Carsten. In these groups, we played name games. After the dinner, it was time for the evening program in which we went for a little walk – down the hill to a skate park and then we went back. The day ended very late.

Monday we played some team activities in the forest. That was very funny. We played the electric fence. That is a game where you must put all the people from your group over a rope which is between trees. It was very funny and I liked it very much. We have tested many solutions till we had made it. I’m happy with that. After the activities, we learned some climbing vocabulary in the seminar room. Then we shot a rocket that we build as a team. As evening program, we had a kind of scavenger hunt – the chaos game.

The abseiling: the next thing that we did was the famous abseiling. Different from the classic abseiling or better the lowering off with a person belaying you from the top, we abseiled down alone. That was very interesting and exciting.