Thoughts from two groups of the seniors:

Group 1 (Leila, Laura, Julika, Melana, Victoria, Pauline, Laura)

Thursday was a funny day because we were climbing in a hall. We went to „Obersdorf“ by bus, which takes very long because 2 buses were too full to get in, but finally we arrived at the climbing hall. It was very cool and we climbed, climbed, climbed. But after that we didn’t want to climbed and we chilled.
On Wednesday we made a movie about a Psycho girl and it was really scary. And we were epelipsi girls and are crazy. The movie is very scary because three people have been killed.
Today I think it will be a very long way to walk but even if it’s a long walk we were looking forward to this day.

Group 2 (Gabi, Isabelle, Judith, Melina, Rosanna)

Yesterday we made our film project. First we wrote our story board. We split the group into two groups. One made a horror film and the second made a film about a funny day in English camp Allgäu. Everybody had fun while we acted. Later we cut the scenes and added nice music. After dinner we watched the movie Madagascar in English.