The senior group with Patrick and Sofie has been staying overnight in Schwarzwasserhütte and are getting ready to shoot their films tomorrow.

By Silke, Lara and Henri
„Yesterday we hiked to Schwarzwasserhütte. It was a really nice landscape, we walked along the river and played games like ninja and nagi nagi. Our first stop was at the Alpe Melköde, there we had chocolate milk and we prepared our storyboard for our film project in two groups. We are looking forward to film our scenes tomorrow! 

It was a little bit cramped in the hut, but we had a nice evening. Our favorite part of the stay was when we played werewolf all together and when we were walking in the river, it was a hot day!

Us boys ate a lot of beans – that was a bad idea (Henri).

The hike on the second day was the nicest, the trail was more exciting and we got to know each other very well in the group, it is great to get to know new people! Even though it was hot the hike wasn’t too exhausting. Although we all took our shirts of. When we were finally down by the bus station and ice cream shop we were all happy and tired.

The junior group with Conner and Guy went up to the hut the day before the seniors:

Amaia and Tobi: At the Schwarzwasserhütte we played werewolf and the Great Dalmuti which were really cool games because they, because it is like being a detective. In the hut all the boys slept together. The hike was not too bad and it was good to stay in the hut. On the way we climbed in the waterfall. Paul and Max got really dirty from playing in the river on the way up!

Today we went rock climbing, it was my first time (Amaia). It was hard work to get to the top, but I was proud to get there! I got better after I had warmed up! (Tobi).