We have been having lots of fun on the first few days of camp and have become good friends already.

On the first day we completed a series of challenges to defeat the Jabberwocky monster. We had to pass the sea of ​​lava, the snake of the underworld, the shrinking island and the fortress of secrets !!! In the end we saved the day …

The next day we created our stories for the movies we are making. We played lots of acting games to give us ideas for the characters. Later we went to the Lake to cool down!

Today we started filming the movies. We went to lots of different places to make the films really interesting. We even met some cows! We can’t wait to show you the videos on Saturday !!!

See you soon,

Julie, Hanna, Paul, Alina, Felix, Christian, Hanna, Florentine, Vincent.
Team Awesome!