Today saw the seniors return from the Schwarzwasserhütte, hiking back down in the morning, before heading out for a swim near to Württembürger Haus. Even though the water was icy cold, some of the group even managed to treat us to a rendition of the song ‚Hangover‘ whilst in the pool!

Meanwhile, the juniors tackled the rock face near Oberstdorf, working in teams to scale the challenging rock face.

From the seniors, Jean-Phillipe:

„The expedition was 50/50 because the way up was very long and the route was quite steep but the way back was shorter and easier. It was not so long and I enjoyed it.“


„The hardest part of the day was when we set off because it was steep. The best moment form e was when we reached the hut.“


The hike was great fun, but it was a little bit hot and sleeping in the hut was a challenge. It felt great arriving back at Würtembürger Haus!“

From the juniors, Iris:

„We got the bus to the climbing wall. When we arrived we walked to the rock climbing place and climbed. On the way back Mara and Ian let us buy ice creams and crepes- Yum!“